​Concrete / Steel Pilings

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When thinking about the foundation of your residential or commercial property, there are many different methods of foundation to consider. One highly effective approach is with concrete or steel pilings. I am sure you have seen them before. They come in many different sizes and shapes with the concrete version being the most common. Concrete pilings are commonly used in the substrate of a building and often you will notice them used in marine foundation applications. They are a great way to have a high load secure foundation. When you have concrete of steel pilings that need a looking at them, we are the guys for you.

Why Concrete or Steel Pilings?

For us around here in the foundation business, they are as mentioned above high load capacity foundation. They are also great to use in that pilings are resistant to water from drainage, and they are far easier to install than other methods of foundations. They are also available in various shapes and sizes however you will most commonly see them in a circular shape. That reasoning is they are a stable shape with the bending strength being equal on all sides. The form helps to lessen the bend or flexibility that the load capacity can put on a foundation and you will never have to worry about your foundation stability.

Easy Installation

There are many different ways that a piling can be installed to level out your property from settling problems, but the most commonly used method is known as pressing. This is a very straightforward and easy way of getting the pilings in place to ensure that our foundation is settled and secure. No longer will you have to worry about your property shifting and leading to potentially large hazards. We can get your home settled with concrete or steel pilings based on what our expert staff feels the most ideal for getting you the most secure foundation in your area.

How It Works

Pilings are pressed into place by force until they cannot be pushed in any further. Usually, because there is a layer of rock or smoother hard spot that gets in the way. They are forced to this limit to ensure that you have a very sturdy and level foundation. We use a pile driver or diesel hammer to drive in the piles, and they are in there to stay and down to the absolute limit, so there is going to be no shifting around once they secure your foundation. Pilings are a great way to fix your sagging foundation because of this.

When You Need the Right Load Baring Foundation

Of course, concrete or steel pilings are just one of the many ways we can help you have the foundation that is secure and stable. Give us a call to let us know what you need, and we will expertly guide you in if pilings are a great way. They offer a fast and easy way to get the strength and stability back and without costing too much. So let us know today.
Abilene foundation repair images

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