​Foam Injection

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Foam injection is another excellent way to get the stability and level appeal of your property. When you are facing settling problems and need some correcting this can also offer the help you need to get your place level again. It is a high-density foam that is injected directly in for concrete leveling. Foam injection can also be used for stabilization and filling in voids of your concrete slab. Foam is also just as good as any grout based method but with many more benefits because foam inject has many ways for application and in the end is very cost effective.

What Exactly is it?

Foam inject material is a polyurethane foam. It is injected from a nozzle as a liquid but then when exposed to the air quickly expands to fill in the space under your concert slab before is finally cures to a strong hardness. Because it comes in as a liquid and expands into an area, it will fill any potential voids and will even level out a concrete slab as the expansion of the foam occurs. As well, once the foam has fully cured it remains in that final foam, never losing its density and strength for years to come.

Better than Grout Based Methods

For a very long time, people have used grout based methods for leveling foundations that have been dealing with leveling problems. While it is a proven method, it has served its time. Foam injection is the wave of the future and far outweighs the benefits of grout based leveling For one it is much easier to apply to the area you need and will without a doubt get its way into every nook and cranky without the worries of human error. As well foam injection is far quicker than grout based methods, and the surface is usable once the foam cures which is in a matter of minutes. It is the perfect method for highly visible areas of concert on your property.

Sometimes its the Only Way

There are some instances where any other method just will not cut it. These are like when areas are in need to be clean. The preparation to inject foam is fast and does not create much dust since fewer holes are needed to inject the foam in.
Maybe you have a surface that is sensitive or expensive. The last thing you want is it to be damaged even more. Again because the holes needed for foam inject are minimal, it does not cause much harm to your precious surface. This also makes it the ideal method for concrete slabs with a decorative coating as it will do nearly unnoticeable damage to use. Even if you have brick or stone overlays foam inject will be unnoticeable when used. Not even a slab floor covered in wood is a problem with foam injection.
Finally, foam injection is the only way when dealing with difficult work site that large truck just could not be transported to. Since the equipment and small and portable we can meet you anywhere to level your property today.
Abilene foundation repair images

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