​Pier & Beam Repair

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Beams can take quite a beating from the elements no matter if they are on land or in a marine environment. They can begin to show signs of cracked concrete and lead to potentially significant problems in you foundations such as foundation cracking and structural damage. When this is the case, you owe it to yourself and everyone using your property to have it checked with our free inspection estimate and get the repairs done that are needed. Again we are here to help you when you need these areas fixed right up and strong again.

Signs of Pier or Beam Damage

For the most part, your beams may be hidden away from your view, and you never give them any second thought. However, they are the signs of potential problems when your pier or beams are in need of repair. Often the most notable is when you see crack floors, walls and ceilings as the sets of the settling beams can damage your building. However other problems can occur as in sloping floors and leaning chimneys. Also, do you have issues with bowing walls and doors or windows that stick? Because those are also signs of something not working with your beams.

How Can This Happen?

Usually, when foundations of any type start to shows problems, it can be due to the ground below. The earth is an organic living thing, and shifts in the land can happen however this also can be due to human error. Perhaps the contractor that poured your foundation did not properly compact the soil below your space. Even if they did do everything to the book, the soil will shift over time from switching between wet and dry with the seasons. If you notice anything like this, you should contact us right away to check on the health of your foundation.

Solutions for Your Foundation Repairs

We have many ways to help you fix foundations, and that includes with peer and beam foundations. We can stabilize and level out your building or space again with underpinning product which are steel piers and helical piers. We drive these piers deep into the ground to make sure they are on highly secure earth that will keep you foundations rock solid and steady for years to come. You will not have to worry anymore when we repair your foundation problems.

Steel Piers and Helical Piers

They are often known as steel push piers, yet sometimes you may hear them called micro piles or resistance piers. These are an industry standard because of just how tough they are and used throughout the country. They are a great choice at leveling your property again.

Helical piers are like a huge screw. They are often screwed or installed into place one at a time so they can each be individually tested for the load they will bear. They have many advantages such as little to no vibration and can immediately load transfer right after installation. When you need pier or beam repairs, let us know because we have the means to help you.
Abilene foundation repair images

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