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​When you need foundation repair in the Abilene, Texas area or just curious how much does foundation repair cost you want to make sure that you are calling the experts. That is who you get when you call us. If you’re dealing with cracked concrete or need someone to help you with house leveling, then we are just who you need to call Abilene foundation repair expert.

Because let’s face it, no one wants to live in a house that isn’t level. It can be madly annoying. So when you are looking for top affordable foundation repair experts, we are exactly the people to call for all of your foundation needs.

When you are looking for a foundation repair company with excellent reviews that is who we are. Why do we get such great reviews? Well first off, we are nothing but professionals. Second, we care. You are a value customer to us, and our staff makes sure to treat you with such care every time. Not only do you get the absolute best in customer care but you get with us the years of professional experience that means we will do the job correctly the first time through and leave you with a foundation to last years. We are Abilene’s top rated foundation repair company.

​We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
Abilene foundation repair images

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Abilene Foundation
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You do not know a thing about foundation other then they are below your property. I am sure you can tell when they are not looking so great. What might be just cosmetic to you can mean more to us. So give us a call for our free inspection estimate on what you need for your foundation repairs. When you need to work on concrete or steel pilings, foam injection, pier, and beam repair, and mud jacking we can help you get what you need. Abilene foundation repair expert

Abilene foundation repair images

Concrete / Steel Pilings

There are many ways to have a foundation on your property and conrete or steel pilings are one excellent way. They are especially useful when talking about marine environments. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are useful in just about any situation. When you need the guys that have the know-how in concrete and steel pilings, then we are the ones you should be calling today. Let us know how we can be helpful for your repairs or installations of your concrete or steel pilings.
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Foam Injection

Your home or other types of property can have sometimes settling problems, or you just need some house and foundation leveling. This might seem like a Herculean task but thanks to our expert knowledge and technology this is a plausibly completable task. This is thanks to foam injection concrete leveling. It uses a very high-density foam that can level concrete but also help with stabilization and filling in voids. It is a fast and easy way that is just as effective as grout-based methods. However, the application is much quicker and gives you wonderful results. So let us know if you are not level.
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Pier & Beam Repair

Piers and beams can take much beating from the elements. Not only can you deal with cracked concrete but there is also the chance of Structural damage as well. When in need of repairing a concrete crack or structural damage to you piers or beams you need to be on it fast or the potential damage can be far worse than you imagine. We can be on the job and have your free estimate so you can get the repairs as quickly as possible. Not only saving you money but time and hassle as well.

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Mud jacking is another excellent way of dealing with settling problems or house and foundation leveling. You may have heard of it before since it can also be known as slab jacking, concrete lifting, or slab leveling. So when your concrete patio, deck or basement are beginning to settle or sink it is best to deal with it sooner than later. Uneven foundations can be potentially dangerous and poorly affect the curb appeal of your property. Mud jacking is just as great as with foam injection but comes with its benefits and features. So please call us, and we can find out which method is best for you needs and application.
Abilene foundation repair images


We are not just a foundation repair company for your homes but can deal with any size concrete slab. That is why when you need foundation repair experts that can handle commercial spaces such as offices, piers, and warehouses we are also the guys to call for all of your foundation repairs needs. We offer all of the same great services that we would for your home just as well on the commercial or industrial size as well. Here we are your go-to guys for all foundation repairs.
Abilene foundation repair images

Free Estimation

Why anyone would charge you to have a look around your property? It is beyond us. We want to make sure you are comfortable with us and not feel obligated to use us. However, I can guarantee you that when you see just how professional we are that you will, of course, want to use us for all of your foundation repairs needs. So please call or email us today to get your free consultation and estimation on what foundation repairs you need to make your property looking great again.
“We had a concrete patio put in our yard to create a nice entertaining space for barbecues. However, over time, we noticed it start to sag. That is why we searched for the best foundation repair company with the best reviews. That is how we found Abilene Foundation Repair Experts. Their free estimation let us know what was needed and their professionalism was through the roof. Thanks again. Highly recommended.” -Paige R.
“There was some settling problems on our warehouse. The original foundation company ensured us it would be fine but I do not trust them. I read up on foam injection and Mud jacking as the best way to fix our issue. That is how I noticed Abilene Foundation Repair Experts as they were listed as the best in town. They definitely were. They worked with us to get the best way to fix our problem and quickly to boot. Thank guys.” -Frank S
“We take care of a fishing pier nearby and was noticing some damage starting to occur on it. Now, this is problematic since it is highly used. We need the right guys for the job to fix up the pier and do it at a top affordable price. Well, the aptly named Abilene Foundation Repair Experts were, experts. They fix it like new.” -Todd M

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​Do you want Abilene’s top rated foundation repair company to help with your foundation repairs? Then you owe it to yourself to call or email us. That is because when you call us, you are getting the best in professionalism and expertise when it comes to foundation repair. So please do not hesitate to call or email us today.